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Following my recent trip to the Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux tasting I am happy to report that there is much to get excited about from the 2015 vintage.  

Everybody wants and needs this vintage to be a success, and having tasted a range of wines it is clear that many chateaux have produced fabulous wines, and a number are truly exceptional.  However the vintage is far from homogenous and when taken as a whole, 2015 is not in the same league as 2009 or 2010.  That said, the very best 2015's can sit happily alongside the wines from those truly great vintages.  While I am concerned what prices will be for the very top wines, we tasted good wines at all levels, so for Bordeaux drinkers this vintage offers great potential.

The 2015's are classic Bordeaux in style  
The best wines have charm and elegance with a fine backbone of ripe, sweet tannin balanced by fresh acidity and beautiful, pure, ripe fruit.  There is also an intensity to these wines although they are not as concentrated as the 2009's or 2010's.  Although 2015 was hot and dry, cooler weather in August helped maintain acidity levels in the grapes which has given the wines a lovely freshness and many wines were truly delicious to taste.  The 2015's are unique in character and this is what will make them interesting to Bordeaux lovers.

As you would expect most of the big names have made excellent wines in 2015, and because of this I suspect prices at the top end are going to be high, with smaller quantities released by many chateaux than in recent years.   Whether the wines make sense to buy en primeur, will depend entirely on release prices.  To make them attractive, the end price needs to be between the current 2014 price and the current 2005/2009/2010 price - the closer to 2014 the better.

Buying 2015 en primeur
We will take a view on each wine as and when it is released and make our offers accordingly by email.  If you are not on our mailing list please sign up now if you want to receive our offers, and if there are particular wines you would like to be advised about please let us know.

2015 Bordeaux has the potential to be a great success, it just needs the chateaux to price the wines attractively to ensure it is.

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